About us

South East Asian restaurant Monsoon Poon offers choices from the exotic flavours of Indian, South Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, the Philippino, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines,  all on one menu.
Take a seat in the vibrant restaurant and watch the South East Asian chefs wield their tools of trade in full view of the dining room.

Booths and large tables make for an intimate or sociable dining experience, where the wide range of cooking styles can be enjoyed by sharing dishes.

Our bar area offers an impressive range of wine and spirits. We also have  a fantastic cocktails list and a Lucky Hour every day 4-6pm where you can enjoy a Cocktail of the Day $10 , a tap beer $5 or a glass of wine $7.

Monsoon Poon’s famous ‘Firecracker Club’ is the first Monday of each month and we have a range of excellent banquet menus, available for large groups and sharing is encouraged.

We’ve a comprehensive allergy awareness menu which is available on request.

Reservations can be made for lunch and dinner is casual dining – so simply walk in without a booking and our Maitre d’ will organise a table for you.

If you have a large group wanting to come in for dinner, please give us a call as we can often work out something to suit your requirements.

If you’d like to know more about us, come in and visit!

Things We Like

1. We Love Bali Long Time – Visit Villa Puring

Villa Puring BaliVilla puring bali accommodationThe team at Monsoon Poon obviously love South East Asia and because of our frequent travels to Bali we know the island pretty well. If you are looking for somewhere special to stay while visiting then look no further than Villa Puring. New Zealand owned and operated, in a quiet neighbourhood close to the beaches and restaurants of Seminyak. If you are a first time visitor to Bali, email Mike Egan for a customised guide to where to eat and drink!

2. Boulcott Street Bistro – Visit Boulcott Street Bistro

wellington restaurant bistro boulcott bestBSB_Rex-at-Server

We firmly believe once you go Asian you’ll never go Caucasian, however if you feel like straying a little, we recommend this Wellington restaurant. Boulcott Street Bistro, it’s been around since the Great Wall of China serving a combo of classic and contemporary New Zealand Bistro fare. To top it all off, it’s homed in a very gorgeous Victorian cottage.

3. Osteria del Toro – Visit Osteria del Toro

Osteria del toro yum paella Sunday lunch 3


We sometimes like to go from Asian to the Mediterranean and Wellington restaurant Osteria del Toro offers the best fresh Mediterranean flavours with pizzas, pastas and paellas through to Sunday banquets of salads, cold meats and antipasto.