Our bartender make cocktails for good time

Use only damn fine #1 best quality spirits to make ladies smile and boys strong.¬†Poon Tang, Ping Pong, Cheeky Asian, Tuk Tuk, Buddha Bing Buddha Boom…the list goes on.

View Auckland’s cocktail menu here

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Kiwi beer very good but…

South East Asian better.
Tiger, Beer Lao, Saigon 333, Kingfisher, Tsingtao… Stop. Even saying their wondrous names make you thirsty.


We love wine too

Martinborough Pinots yes still number 1 but our customers love the spicy Gewurztraminers, the creamy Pinot Gris, the crisp Rieslings and Sauvignons and they even say that the Dry River not bad stuff.

Wine so good it make you want to never taste Rice Wine again!!

Still we must not forget the Mango Lassi, the Rosewater Lassi and of course the Ginger Lime Pineapple Lassi.

Coffee’s always very good and we nearly have all the tea in China.

At Monsoon Poon we guarantee you never leave thirsty (unless you just eat Firecracker Chicken).