Hometown – New Delhi, India

In New Zealand for? Over 20 years, with the last 15 being in Auckland.  I actually worked with the Wellington Monsoon Poon team before moving to Auckland to take the Head Chef role and help set up the restaurant from the beginning.  I also spent a couple of years working in Dublin, Ireland when I was younger which was a great experience, but New Zealand is definitely my home now.

Family? I have a beautiful wife Menka and 2 gorgeous daughters Maia, 8 years old and Anvi, 4 years old

Favourite things about being a Chef? I really enjoy meeting interesting people through my job and we have some great suppliers who I get to chat to about not only our needs in the restaurant but also industry trends and movements.  I feel like I am always learning new things and I enjoy seeking out and trying new products.  Of course the food, flavours and experience with different cultures in our team is really interesting and the challenges of running a big team keeps me busy too!

Chef tip? Buy your spices in small amounts, keep them as fresh as possible.