Tiffin CBD Lunch Delivery Service


Would you like to treat yourself or the team but can’t leave the office? Hot, fresh and tasty made just for you!

Once you have filled the form in please fax it back to Monsoon Poon, at least half an hour before your requested delivery time. At this time this service is only available in Wellington.

Work locally? Have a tiffin delivered to your desk.

A fresh and healthy South East Asian Lunch delivered to your office in a three tiered stainless steel lunch box.
Stainless instead of plastic, all of Monsoon’s Office Delivery Lunches are delivered in reusable lunch boxes made of stainless steel. We also use chop sticks made of fast re-growing bamboo. These containers are fully recyclable.

Lunch box recycling

With your first order you pay a deposit of $10 per box. Any subsequent orders will be delivered in a new box and swapped with the previous box. All returned lunch boxes are re-cleaned in our on-site cleaning facility.

As far as we know, the only tiffin delivery service south of the equator!